Port of Peninsula on the Long Beach Peninsula at Nahcotta, Washington

Oyster Dredging

Dredging of Oysters equates to between 900 and 1150 annual Dredge trips loaded with Oysters. That traffic can be doubled since the Dredge goes to harvest empty. The traffic count can be doubled at least again since the dredges have to relocate the Oysters to different sections of the Bay three to four times a year to grow in better nutrient areas. Since this Mariculture activity is controlled by the tides at least half of all these trips are in the middle of the night relying on lighted Aides to Navigation.

Approximately 270,000 to 300,000 bushels of Oysters are delivered to our Port Facilities via those Dredges from Oyster beds throughout Willapa Bay on an annual basis. So far this year we've seen about 230,750 bushels delivered with 127,000 bus. processed locally into fresh shucked Oysters, or sold in glass jars, etc. The remaining 103,750 bushels are transported directly across the Ports own Product dock. In turn they are shipped out of the area still in the shell and then processed under other Company names in Oregon or different parts of Washington. With a conservative estimate this currently brings in about $5,538,000 annually to our local economy.

Between 80,000 and 100,000 bushels of empty shell are transported back across the Ports dock and re-seeded onto Oyster beds as new seed stock for the naturally occurring spawning of Oysters. This allows the spat (baby Oysters) to find a natural "Cultch" (culture) to attach to as a new crop of Oysters.

Oyster Dredges docked at Port of Peninsula

Click for information on the Willapa Bay Oysterhouse Interpretive Center.

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